Ness Property Management is a leading full service property management company servicing the greater Los Angeles area. Our management portfolio includes multi-family, single family residences, condos, HOA’s, retail, industrial, mixed use and office properties. Our team of professionals stay focused on the following four key elements in order to fully capitalize on your asset:

1. Maximize Cash Flow: (a) obtain maximum rent possible; (b) excellent subcontractors for maintenance keeping repairs to a minimum; (c) underwriting debt analysis; (d) annual rent increases; (e) accounting preparation.

2. Turnover/ Vacancy: (a) one to four months (depending on asset type) advance notice of lease expiration; (b) in-depth comprehension of local markets’ current rents and trends; (c) market analysis of comparable properties; (d) open houses.

3. Pride of Ownership: (a) screen prospective tenants by running credit reports and/or reviewing financial statements; (b) update/remodel units as needed; (c) ensure unit is ready and clean prior to showing.

4. Manage the Asset: We do all of the work so you don’t have to!

In addition to these four steps Ness Property Management has created a proprietary software system that can handle all facets of the property management business. The software tracks rent collections, lease commencements and expirations, monthly expenses, detailed monthly or quarterly accounting reports, maintenance records and invoices, debt service, cash flow distributions and so forth.

Ness Property Management offers three different options as it relates to property management:

  • Full Service: We handle 100% of the property requirements.
  • Partial Service: We handle everything aside from debt service. This can be modified as needed.
  • Leases & Showings: We will lease and show your property for a flat fee.

Finally, we believe that if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid…meaning that our fees are based solely upon collected rents. If we don’t collect the rent, we don’t get paid. Please call for more information or to request a formal package.


  •  Financial Accounting Services
  • Budget Preparation
  • Escalation Review
  •  Operating & Expense Billing
  • Ledger Balancing
  • Common Area Charges


  • Development Improvement
  • Renovation
  •  Retrofit Projects
  • Budget Preparation
  • Payment Management
  •  Conflict Resolution


  • Property Oversight
  • Insurance Tracking
  • Help Desk Services
  • Tenant Relations
  • Vendor Management
  • Administration
  • Management Service Reporting
  • Open Houses
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Debt Servicing
  • Cash Flow Distributions
  • Laundry Oversight